Mrs. Ross' Kindergarten

I teach Kindergarten in Beloit, WI. Laughing

Math has always been one of my least favorite subjects.

I do not want to pass this on to my students so I have designed activties for my Calendar Math time to be as interactive as possible.

My students work with me during calendar time in their Calendar Math Journals.

Their "journals" are 3 ring binders with activity pages that correspond to all the calendar activties I use.

My Calendar Math Journals began with ideas I found on websites of other teachers.

I then designed the activties with my students abilities and needs in mind.

Hopefully, I will be able to get all the information and activities I have developed out to there for others to use.Laughing


I am not able to post a direct link to any of the charts or posters that you will see on the pages.

I am able to send attachments through email if you are interested any any of the charts or posters.

Send me an email at with the name of the charts you would like.

I will be more than happy to send them on.

I use "Traditional Font" so you many need to change the font to fit your needs.